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  • 10 yo!

    10 yo!

    revTeam celebrates its 10th year of passionate adventure among friends, marked by constant friendship and passion for motorsport. This year, the team is proud to announce an ambitious schedule with six tracknights at Spa, up to two trackdays at Mettet, and an exclusive trackday at Spa at the end of the year. A big thank you is extended to our loyal community for their ongoing support and positive energy. Get ready for a fun and adrenaline-filled 2024 with revTeam.

    by Anthony on fév 7, 2024

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  • Switch to EVs

    Switch to EVs

    The shift towards electric vehicles on racetracks, especially at Spa-Francorchamps, offers a solution to noise restrictions, allowing for more trackdays and tracknights. Electric cars provide thrilling performance with minimal environmental impact, aligning the love for motorsport with sustainability. We've successfully hosted two 100% electric events, showcasing the potential of electric racing. If you're interested in joining the electric revolution on the track, contact us to be part of future electrifying adventures.

    by Anthony on fév 7, 2024

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  • Collab !

    Collab !

    The groundbreaking collaboration between revTeam and Bavarian is set to elevate the motorsport experience by organizing a legendary trackday that emphasizes joy, safety, and performance. This event, taking place on a renowned circuit, offers a unique opportunity for both amateur and professional drivers to push their limits in an exhilarating yet secure environment. By combining technical workshops, personalized coaching, and a strong community spirit, this trackday promises to be not just a race, but a celebration of motorsport culture, setting a new standard for such events.

    by Anthony on fév 11, 2024

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